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Picture of the Day

Picture of the DayIn this section you'll find cute animal photos with a funny comment - a new one for every day! You can find the picture of the day on our homepage, too.

Many of the animals have been photographed by us. With our camera at hand, we strolled through meadows, hiked mountains, walked through forests and have been to wildlife parks.

Photography is so much fun! Have you ever tried?

Animals by Color

Animals by ColorHave you ever seen a blue crab? Or a tomato red frog? When did you see a bright green butterfly lately? And do you think it is true that there are frogs with clown-like patterns?

Come on. All these animals (or at least their photos) must be fake!? But: No. They all exist! And they have a good reason to wear unexpected colors. Of course, we'll explain you why.

Have a look at all these exiting pictures!

Baby Animals

Baby Animals

Baby animals are so sweet! We've put together some pretty, cute and fun photos of baby animals for you.

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