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Giraffe in Africa

Giraffe in AfricaA beautiful animal!
Photo: hamper/morguefile

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Ostrich Eye

Ostrich eyeTheir eyes are bigger than their brain
Photo: ks42day/morguefile

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Monitor Lizard

Monitor lizardA monitor lizard on bali island
Photo: Silke/

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Crab-Eating Macaque

Crab-eating macaqueCrab-eating macaque on Bali island
Photo: Silke/

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Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macawTee-hee-hee!
Photo: shaka/morguefile

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Day Gecko

Day geckoOh my, have I been spotted?
Photo: efaeria/morguefile

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Perky Chipmunk

Cheeky chipmunkIn search of a tasty nut
Photo: earl53/morguefile

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Turquoise Tanager

Turquoise tanagerSmall, bright colored songbird
Photo: Silke/

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