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Red Fox

Red foxCute fox puppy :)
Photo: Karpati Gabor/morguefile

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Tree frog

Tree frogGreen is my favourite color
Photo: arebella/morguefile

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Happy Dog

HundHello! Hellohellohellohello! :)
Photo: mariachic/morguefile

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Russian Blue

Russian blueCuddly little something
Photo: thesenator/morguefile

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PugHow cute, a Pug!
Photo: taliesin/morguefile

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Sara Longwing

Sara longwingOn its upper side it is bright blue :)
Photo: Silke/

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Black Pony

Black ponySo cuddly!
Photo: Silke/

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Two Otters

Two ottersHow adorable!
Photo: hotblack/morguefile

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