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Corn Snake

Corn Snake Facts

Size 47-59 in (120-150 cm)
Speed Unknown
Weight About 13 oz (370 g)
Lifespan 17 years (female); 32 years (male)
Food Rodents, lizards, birds, eggs
Predators Eagles, hawks, pumas, wolves, bears, dogs, cats
Habitat North America
Class Reptiles
Order Scaled reptiles
Family Colubridae
Scientific name Pantherophis guttatus
Characteristics Saddle patches; bright red-orange coloring

Main Characteristics

The corn snake is a snake that feeds on small mammals. It is non-venomous and kills its prey by ambushing, entangling, and strangling.

Corn Snake Corn Snake - Photo: Ery Azmeer/Shutterstock

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Author NaimaAnatomy and Appearance

How Do Corn Snakes Look Like?

Corn snakes have black, red and yellow coloring. Breeders select these to create beautiful color variations like “blood red” (red), “snow” (white), “ghost” (gray) and “mandarin” (orange). The regular wild corn snake is orange or gray-red with red saddle patches and a black and white belly.


Where Did the Corn Snake Get Its Name From?

The second word, snake, is easy to explain: they are a kind of non-venomous snake. You can easily tell by their round pupils. But watch out: elapidae belong to the same family but are venomous. The word “corn” either comes from the fact that they often live in corn fields or because their bellies look like corn.

Corn Snake Corn Snake - Photo: Patrick K. Campbell/Shutterstock

Senses and Abilities

Can Corn Snakes Climb?

Corn snakes can easily climb stairs, but they rarely climb trees. Most often, they lie in barns or simply on the ground.


Corn snakes don’t care for their young. They just leave their eggs. It takes two months for their young to hatch. Shortly before, the soft egg collapses. This makes it easier for them to hatch.


Corn Snake Corn Snake - Photo: bluedog studio/Shutterstock

Fun Facts

Corn snakes are popular pets. They eat frozen mice and are easy to keep. They are one of those snake breeds that feel at home in a terrarium and love to slither about.

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Corn Snake Corn Snake - Photo: Christian Zall/Shutterstock

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