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Video: Amphibians - Cartoon Fun Facts

Is it true that frogs don't have to drink water? Why do some frogs change their color to blue? How come that frogs don't have to be afraid of mosquito bites? In this video you will learn 11 facts about amphibians!

Video: Amphibians - Cartoon Fun Facts

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Here is some extra info in addition to the video:

11. The Pebble Toad Drops Down Hills

When feeling threatened, the pebble toad curls up and drops down the hill. This makes it appear like a loose stone and it therefore gets neglected by its enemies. The pebble toad does not uncurl until it has reached the ground.

10. In Spring, Male Moor Frogs Change their Color to Blue

Female moor frogs find this particularly beautiful. Yet, this spectacle can only be experienced for a few days, and the frogs do not assume the blue color before they have reached the spawning waters. Learn more about frogs in the following articles: How the wood frog survives the winter, why poison dart frogs are poisonous and what the bullfrog has got in common with cattle.

9. Frogs Don’t Need to Drink

They absorb the water with their skin. The skin of frogs is so permeable that it can be used both for breathing and drinking. At the tummy and on the bottom side of their legs, frogs have specific skin folds for this. Learn more about how skin respiration skin respiration works!

8. Frogs Don’t Need to be Afraid of Mosquito Bites

Through their skin they emit a kind of "insect repellent". Scientists want to do some research on this in order to develop more effective insect repellents for humans.


7. The Axolotl Remains a Larva All its Life

Normally amphibians undergo a metamorphosis. Tadpoles develop into frogs this way. This does not apply to the Axolotl. It remains a larva all its life because its thyroid gland does not work (the organ regulates the production of hormones). It can live up to 20 years. Why is the Axolotl pink? You can find out about this in the animal profile.

6. The Chinese Giant Salamander Can Live For More than 60 Years

And who knows if it doesn’t get even older than this. Some of these animals can even reach a length of 6 feet (1.8 meters) and a weight of up to 110 lb (50 kg) by the way.

5. In Former Times People Thought the Fire Salamander Could Extinguish Fires

Fire salamanders can emit poisonous substances via specific glands in their skin. In former times, people assumed that fire salamanders were supernatural beings and could use their powers to survive or even extinguish fires. Unfortunately this belief entailed that people often threw the animals into the fire ...

4. Siberian Salamanders Survive of -4 Degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Degrees Celsius)

The Siberian salamander mainly lives in the extremely cold regions of Russia, Mongolia and the Northeast of China. Actually, it is said that it is able to survive temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 degrees Celsius) to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius), even if it had been frozen for several years (!).

3. The Goliath Frog Can Jump Distances of 6.5 feet (2 meters)

This is surprising, because the frog is clumsy and rather big. Actually, it is one of the biggest frogs and can weigh more than 6.6 lb (3 kg). Therefore, it soon gets tired after a few jumps and has to take a break.

2. Flying Frogs Cover Distances of 50 feet (15 meters) by Gliding Through the Air

They have webbings on their fingers and toes. When they spread them, they function as little paragliders and safely carry the animals from tree to tree. Yet, they are not really able to fly.

1. Frogs Have to Press Their Eyes Inward to Swallow their Food

Frogs don’t chew but swallow their prey whole. In order to transport it into the stomach, they have to “push” it by pressing their eyeballs into their oral cavity.


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