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Video: Mammals - Cartoon Fun Facts

Did you know how funny mammals are? They wiggle their ears when they feel stressed or perform a handstand when they are really upset! Check out these cartoon fun facts video - have fun watching!

Video: Mammals - Cartoon Fun Facts

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Here is some extra info in addition to the video:

11. A Newborn Kangaroo Fits on a Teaspoon

Although kangaroos can become up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall and weigh 120 lb (55 kg), they are only 0.09 inch (2.5 cm) long and weigh 0.02 oz (0.8 g) at birth. Do you know how far kangaroos can jump? will tell you here.

10. Raccoons Untie Shoelaces

Raccoons are very clever with their hands. Although they don’t have thumbs they are able to use their slim fingers to turn door knobs, open fridges, remove the lids of glasses and bottles – and even untie shoelaces. Find out more: Raccoon Facts

9. When Feeling Stressed, koalas Wiggle With Their Ears

And it even gets funnier than this (but not for the koala): It also can have hiccups. Where does the name koala come from? Find it out!

8. Beavers Spend the Entire Winter in Their Lodge

They don't know whether it is bright or dark outside. Therefore, a beaver’s day has 29 hours instead of 24 hours. Did you know that the largest beaver dam is 2,788 feet (850 meters) long?


7. Skunks do a Handstand Before Attacking

If spotted skunks feel threatened, they show their acrobatic skills. They stand on their front paws and wiggle their tails. Learn more about the skunk’s enemies.

6. Cows Speak Dialects!

The closer the relationship is between farmers and their cows, the more they tend to develop their own dialect. They listen to the farmer and somehow imitate the melody of his voice when speaking. How many stomachs does a cow have? Find out here!

5. Wombats Have Cube-Shaped Droppings

Wombats do not have a square anus. The feces already take on the shape of a cube inside the bowels. It is important to know that wombats have a very slow digestion that can take up to two weeks. After this time the cubes are extremely dry and hard. Does this shape make any sense? Yes! The cubes are used to mark the territory – and they don’t roll away like round poo. Just a moment: What is a wombat?

4. Dolphins Call Each Other by Their Name

Dolphins do not have good eyesight and a bad sense of smell. They also do not have a “home” under water, like a nest or a cave. Therefore they almost exclusively rely on their ears. In order to recognize each other, they use “signature whistles”. Do you know how dolphins sleep?

3. Orangutans Recognize Themselves in the Mirror

Apart from them, only gorillas, chimps, bonobos, elephants, dolphins, orcas, ravens and magpies are capable of this.

Find out more:
Animals that Recognize their Reflections
Where does the name orangutan come from?

2. A Donkey and a Zebra Add Up to a Zonkey.

Donkey and zebras are so closely related that they can have children together. These look like a mix of both species and are called zonkeys. Actually, there are not only zonkeys but also zorses.

1. There are Black Bears With Black Fur ...

... and there are black bears with white fur. White black bears are also called spirit bears. They aren’t albinos, but a sub-species that lives in a small region in the Canadian province of British-Columbia.


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