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Pet Videos: Tips for Filming

Get to Know Your Camera

Using a smartphone is pretty easy. If you tap on the camera app, you can switch from photo to video in one movement and just press the start button to get going. If you’re recording with a camera or video recorder, maybe your parents can explain which settings you’ll need. Watch out: smartphone videos can often be a bit blurry as the quality isn’t as good.

Take time to practice using the camera - without your pet. Film from left to right a few times, then from up to down. And then the other way round. You’ll get a good feel for what fits in the frame. If you move or zoom too quickly, it can be difficult for the viewer to keep up.

Camera Perspective = “Angle”

Try a few different angles. A video from straight-on might be easier but it’s not always exciting. Try from the side, from above or lie on the floor and record your pet from its own eye level. Recording an animal from behind is mostly not the best idea. You don’t see its face, which leaves the viewer feeling “left out”.


The Right Cut

Make sure that your pet isn’t too far away. Your little sweetie-pie will be too small on the video, and hard to see. But you shouldn’t be too close either. Then nobody will be able to see what kind of animal it is ;)

Pet Videos Pet Videos - Photo: Polyraz/Shutterstock

Pet Videos Pet Videos - Photo: Osadchaya Olga/Shutterstock

And ... Action!

Is your pet running somewhere? Follow it with your camera, taking a video. It can be very funny and full of action. Make sure you hold your camera as still as possible and watch where you’re going. Don’t trip!

To Avoid Blurry Video

A tripod can make sure that your camera stays steady and the image doesn’t wobble. It has three legs and your camera or video recorder can be screwed in at the top. This lets you put your camera down, e. g. on a table. You can get tripods from around 10 euros, but you can also simply put your camera on a flat surface. Watch out: don’t build a tower of books or something else to prop up your camera. This could easily collapse or fall down, breaking your camera.


Pet Videos Pet Videos - Photo: Kaia92/Shutterstock

Light and Dark

Light is incredibly important for a good video. Lighting is often bad inside, making videos look gloomy. Open all the curtains or blinds. If you’re outside, the sun should be behind you, shining onto your pet. Otherwise your video could end up looking like a recording of some black shadows.

Pet Videos Pet Videos - Photo: Osadchaya Olga/Shutterstock

Think About the Story

Before you record a video, consider what you want to record. Your sleeping cat probably won’t be too exciting (unless it snores or twitches in its sleep). If your cat is playing with something or drinking from the faucet, or if your dog brings you a stick while out on a walk - this is a great story.


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