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Why Is There Advertising on

Lots of people work for every day. They draw the fun comics and write articles. Or they might program games, take care of our technology and make sure you’re safe when you use the website. All of this costs money. We need income to pay these people. We make this money by “renting out” advertising space. If we didn’t do this, we’d have to shut down. We hope that you, your parents and your teachers understand.

What Is the Point of Advertising?

advertisementCompanies use advertising to let people know about their products or special offers. They do this on TV, on the radio, in the street, in newspapers and magazines - and on the internet. Example: A toy company has a new game. It wants to let children know that there’s a new game in the hope that they like it. It wants to show an advertisement, so it “rents” the space.

Important: You Are Not Obligated to Buy Anything.

If you want to buy something but you’re not of legal age, you’ll need your parents’ permission. So, please always ask your parents if you’re allowed to buy something.

How Do I Know It’s an Ad?

Advertisements are always labeled “advertisement”. The picture shows an example of where you can find ads (green areas) and where you can see the word “advertisement”.

What Happens if I Click on an Ad?

It will open the company’s website, which will give you more information about their product, film, book etc.

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