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Baby Animals

Funny, cute, sweet, snuggly and cuddly... baby animals! Which is the cutest? It’s not an easy decision! Fawns are especially cute, and bawling baby birds (“Feeeed me!”) - and don’t forget little kangaroo joeys. Baby giraffes, monkeys and turtles are also pretty adorable. But the weirdest has to be the baby armadillo.

Emperor penguin chicks Emperor penguin chicks - Photo: Roger Clark ARPS/Shutterstock

Baby elephant Baby elephant - Photo: Four Oaks/Shutterstock

Cheetah cubs Cheetah cubs - Photo: GUDKOV ANDREY/Shutterstock

Owl chicks Owl chicks - Photo: KOO/Shutterstock

Baby pandas Baby pandas - Photo: Hung Chung Chih/Shutterstock

Baby tapir Baby tapir - Photo: Signature Message/Shutterstock

Red fox puppies Red fox puppies - Photo: Menno Schäfer/Shutterstock

Barn owl chicks Barn owl chicks - Photo: GMH Photography/Shutterstock

Baby anteater Baby anteater - Photo: belizar/Shutterstock


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