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Video: Pets - Cartoon Fun Facts

What does a table tennis table have in common with cats? How long does a cat sleep in its life? Do dogs only see in black and white? There are 11 fun facts about pets in this funny animated video.

Video: Pets - Cartoon Fun Facts

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Here is some extra info in addition to the video:

11. Hamsters Love Running

Every night they run about 5 miles (8 km). In the wild, the nocturnal rodents are always in motion to gather food and dig burrows. Pet hamsters are quite similar. Therefore: Even if hamsters are very small they like a large cage with a species-appropriate hamster wheel. Find out more: How good is the hamsters eyesight?

10. During its Life, a 15 Year Old Cat Slept for Ten Years

Cats sleep for about 16 hours per day, some a little bit longer, some a little bit shorter. This also depends on their age. Younger animals do not spend so much time sleeping, older cats sleep up to 20 hours per day. Visit our pet section to learn about beautiful cat breeds.

9. In 1879, there Were 37 Post Cats in Belgium

Yet, the cats did not behave responsibly enough and the plan was dropped again quickly. Also interesting (?): The world’s most expensive coffee is produced by civet cats.

8. Dalmatians are Born White

Their dots appear gradually as they age. By the way, in the pet section you will find a lot of great dog breeds.


7. Dogs do Not Only See Black and White

They can also see yellow and blue. Instead dogs’ noses are much more sensitive than ours.

6. The Surface of a Cat is as Large as the Surface of a Ping-Pong Table

Well ... ok! Why do scientists explore things like this? It is a matter of cleanliness. The more hairs animals have, the more difficult it is to keep their fur clean. Bacteria nesting in the fur can cause infections. The results of the scientific research shall help to improve the surfaces of technical instruments regarding cleanliness (key word: bionics).

5. Cardboard Boxes Help Cats to Reduce Stress

Cardboard boxes are a wonderful means for cats to withdraw. They are also very good to keep them warm. It is no surprise that cats like to spend a lot of time in them: They love it warm and cozy.

4. Male Cats are Left-Pawed, Female Cats Right-Pawed

Humans have no problem opening a door with either their left or their right hand. But for writing, we mostly use the right or left hand only. It is quite similar with cats. If a movement is more complicated, it reveals which paw they prefer.

3. The Fingerprint Sensor on Smartphones also Works With Cat’s Paws

The paws of a cat are as unique as our fingerprints. Thus, it is also possible to save them in your smartphone to unlock it. Fortunately cats do not know how to order things online. ;)

2. Rabbits’ Teeth Never Stop Growing

They wear off while the rabbit is eating.

1. The Teeth of Mice are Almost as Hard as Diamonds

The hardness of a material is classified by means of the Mohs scale. Talcum and plaster are grade 1-2 for instance. You can carve them or scrape bits off with your fingers. With grade 10, the diamond marks the end of the scale. It is the hardest natural mineral you can find. The teeth of mice are not far behind: they reach grade 9.6.


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