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Top 24 Most Beautiful Animals in the World

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Bald Eagle

The strong bald eagle is the symbol of the USA and, after the California condor, the largest bird of prey in North America. It has a wingspan of up to 8.2 ft (2.5 m)! They are easy to spot thanks to the white feathers on their heads, the brown feathers on their bodies and their golden yellow beaks and feet.

Bald Eagle Bald Eagle - Photo: visuelldesign/Shutterstock

Sugar Glider

Help! It’s so cute! The Australian sugar glider. It can glide short distances through the air with its flying membrane, and uses this to move from tree to tree.

Sugar Glider Sugar Glider - Photo: apiguide/Shutterstock

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

They might look a little grumpy in photos, but they have no reason to be sad: their shells, arms and legs all feature wonderful patterns.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Hawksbill Sea Turtle - Photo: Rich Carey/Shutterstock

Red Fox

Red goes with everything! The bold, red fur of the slender red fox is almost too beautiful to be real. Sadly, this is the reason they are hunted: their fur is used for clothing. They are also hunted for trophies. Sad, isn’t it?

Fox Fox - Photo: RT Images/Shutterstock

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