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Frog or Toad - What’s the Difference?

With these tips you too can easily tell frogs and toads apart!

If you remember a few tips, you can tell the difference between frogs and toads! When we talk about telling the difference between frogs and toads, we usually mean the families of „true frogs“ and „true toads“. They mostly have different bodies, legs, toes, skin, habitats and locomotion.

Whenever you see the word “bufo” in the scientific name, you can presume that the animal is a toad. The word “rana” is used for frogs. Both genera encompass around 300 species. They live in cold regions to tropical zones. The number of species is constantly increasing as new species are still being discovered even now.

Over the following pages, you’ll find large images and a few rules to work out which is which. Finally, there’ll be a clear summary..


Let's Find Out: Frog or Toad?

Leaping frog Leaping frog - Photo: Eduard Kyslynskyy/Shutterstock



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