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Butterfly or Moth - What’s the Difference?

We tell you five unique characteristics that help you, tell butterflies and moths apart!

There are five characteristics that let you tell the difference between diurnal butterflies and the nocturnal moths.

How Are Butterflies and Moths Different?

  • Feelers
  • Body
  • Time of Activity
  • Colors

What Are Moths?

In general, moths aren’t too different from the beautiful, colorful butterflies we see during the day, as they are both part of the butterfly family. There are more than 180,000 species of butterflies, and around 4,000 of these live in Europe. Would you have guessed that?

So, why don’t we like moths? Most people really don’t like moths, as they are mostly gray unlike colorful butterflies. What few people know: moths are very busy pollinating flowers.


Over the following pages, you’ll find large images and a few rules to work out which is which. Finally, there’ll be a clear summary.

Let's Find Out: Butterfly or Moth?

European Peacock ButterflyEuropean Peacock Butterfly - Photo: Marek Mierzejewski/Shutterstock


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