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Top 10 Coolest Spiders

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9th Place: The Myrmarachne Formicaria
„The Spider in Ant’s Clothing“

In this photo, you’ll see an ant. Or maybe not? Could it be a wolf in sheep’s clothing - or rather a spider in ant’s clothing? The myrmarachne formicaria disguises itself as an ant. And lots of its relatives do too.


In biology, this is called mimicry. This describes how some creatures don’t just look similar by accident. Looking as dangerous as a wasp or as harmless as an ant can save your life. Just like this spider, who doesn’t look like a tasty spider snack to its predators, but disappears into the swarm of ants.

Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider - Photo: Ang Kean Leng/Shutterstock

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