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Jaguar, Leopard or Panther - What’s the Difference?

3. Behavior


Both animals can climb trees but the jaguar doesn’t like to climb. It’s not as good at it as the leopard. They are also heavier and their shorter tail means it’s harder for them to keep their balance. And: the leopard often has to quickly hide prey from lions and other big cats. To do this, they mostly hang prey in trees. The jaguar doesn’t have any “competition” in its habitat - so there’s no need to climb trees.


Both are good swimmers!

Behavior in Jaguars

Jaguar Jaguar - Photo: nwdph/Shutterstock


Behavior in Leopards

Leopard Leopard - Photo: J Reineke/Shutterstock

4. Habitat and Distribution

Both animals live in tropical rainforests, savannas and semi-deserts. But they have a different distribution area. The jaguar lives in South and Central America. The leopard lives in Africa and Asia.


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