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Jaguar, Leopard or Panther - What’s the Difference?

4. What Is a Panther?

The thing is: the panther isn’t a separate species, they are simply black jaguars or black leopards! Their black coat is inherited via a gene. Even if they’re harder to see, jaguars and leopards still have their typical markings under their black fur. You can only see them when the light is right.

By the way: scientifically, all big cats are “panthers” because they all have “panthera” in their scientific names.

Tiger = Panthera tigris
Jaguar = Panthera onca
Lion = Panthera leo
Leopard = Panthera pardus
Snow leopard = Panthera uncia


Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar Black Jaguar = Panther - Photo: Matt Gibson/Shutterstock

Black Leopard

Black Leopard Black Leopard = Panther - Photo: Volodymyr Burdiak/Shutterstock


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