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Top 10 Animals Most People Are Scared Of

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6th Place: Bees and Wasps

If you’re outdoors in summer enjoying a delicious drink, you’re probably not alone. The best company to have is friends but you’re more probably surrounded by uninvited bees and wasps that want some of the action. They swarm around the tasty juice box, the glass of Fanta and the tasty cake on your plate. Even if their stings are painful, they are not fatal for most people.

Allergy? Be Careful!

If someone with an allergy gets stung, the worst case scenario is death. The USA is home to especially aggressive “Africanized honey bees”, also known as “killer bees”. When they feel threatened, they don’t just attack alone, they bring the whole family. While a normal bee wouldn’t usually give chase, killer bees are stubborn and will chase a human. 500 stings on one person isn’t rare.

Wasp Wasp - Photo: Tomatito/Shutterstock

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