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Top 10 Animals Most People Are Scared Of

4th Place:


At night, cockroaches crawl out of their hidey holes and search for tasty leftover food in the garbage.

They will often visit restaurant kitchens to fill their bellies, spreading mold spores and lots of illnesses: typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis B and polio.


Hard to Get Rid of

They can live for up to nine days without a head (they die of thirst and hunger). If you’re trying to get rid of them, you should know that even adult cockroaches can fit through any opening larger than 0.62 inches (1.6 mm).

These little insects with the long feelers are pretty fast too: cockroaches hold the record for the fastest crawling insect and can easily keep up with a person walking fast.

Cockroach - Photo: kzww/Shutterstock


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