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German Riding Pony

German Riding Pony Horse Breed Profile

Height 13.5-14.5 hands (54-58 inches; 138-148 cm)
Body Athletic, noble
Head Small, friendly eyes, small ears
Neck Well-shaped, medium-length
Colors All
Temperament Friendly, reliable, charming, hard-working
Gait Smooth, elastic
Type Warmblood
Origin Germany
Bred since 1965
Suited for Leisure, show jumping, sports, dressage, tournaments

They're Like Big Horses, Just Smaller

The German Riding Pony is a rather young breed that is quite popular with young riders as an “allrounder” horse. It is bigger and more elegant than a Shetland, Dartmoor or Welsh Pony. Its physique is slimmer and lighter, its gait very lively, space-consuming and elastic. A golden coat, possibly in combination with a white mane, is specifically popular.

German Riding Pony Photo: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

Bred for Kids

The German Riding Pony has been bred as a show horse for children and young people. Other ponies are too sturdy and have legs that are too short for this. The German Riding Pony has a physique that is similar to a small horse with the same proportions regarding the head, body and legs. This enables young riders to train their skills on “genuine” horses right from the start. Kids also grow too fast for the smaller ponies, and this is why the German Riding Pony is more popular.


They Developed from Small to Large

The German Riding Pony has developed from English pony breeds, specifically the Welsh pony. Arabs, Anglo-Arabs and English thoroughbreds have made the pony larger and more elegant.

Affectionate and Hard-working

The German Riding Pony is very good-tempered, friendly and strong-nerved. Especially with its tender, soft nature it has won the hearts of many kids. The horse also loves to work and therefore has the energy and strong will to train with its rider.

German Riding Pony Photo: Zuzule/Shutterstock


German Riding Ponies regularly take first place at shows. They primarily participate in shows for young riders such as Deutsche Jugend-Meisterschaft (German championships for young riders), Junior European Championship or the “Preis der Besten” (German championships for the best riders).

This should be self-explanatory. ;)


Fun Facts

The german actress Lisa-Marie Koroll (who played Tina in the German horse movie “Bibi & Tina”) owns a German Riding Pony.

In addition to the German Riding Pony there is the German Riding Horse with a height between 158 and 170 cm.


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