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Which Pet Rabbit Would Suit Me Best?

If you want to keep rabbits, the first thing you usually do is go by looks. Do you prefer a particularly long, fluffy, plush fur or a special pattern? Would you like them to be big or rather small and cute? Also, the breeds are different in their character and personality.

And there are still other considerations that are important. Which rabbit breeds become tame quickly? Which can you keep outside? And which are particularly suitable for children? Of course, the maintenance effort also plays a role.

Take the test and find out which rabbit breed suits your ideas and wishes. Below the test we have some more helpful information for you.

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Rabbits for Beginners

With all these different breeds, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as a beginner and simply go for the rabbit you like the look of. But rabbits can live for 12 years, so it’s a better idea to make a carefully considered decision.

The inexperienced should opt for a low-maintenance breed that won’t be so much work. It’s mostly a matter of grooming and food. But there are rabbits that need a little more experience and skill from the owner due to their particular characters. Some have boundless energy and like to burn it off, while others are shy and easily startled.

Netherland Dwarves, Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies, Dwarf Hotots, English Spots and Dwarf Chinchillas are especially well suited to beginners.

Special Rabbit Breeds

The Lionhead rabbit has a very unique look, as it has a wild mane around its head. The Blanc de Hotot looks very exotic with its black eyeliner - like Cleopatra! Angoras are particularly popular thanks to their long fur, fluffy cheeks and tousled ears. Don’t forget the Holland Lop, whose floppy ears hang down sweetly and whip to and fro as they hop about. But rabbits aren’t just unusual when it comes to looks: there are also rabbit breeds that have special skills, like learning tricks, for example the Belgian Hare, Dutch, Harlequin and Rex.

Rabbits Are Great Pets!

Of course, even rabbits come with downsides. Costs for keeping them are considerably higher than for other pets, like hamsters. And they need fresh food several times a day, so you can’t just open a tin as you would for a cat. Rabbits are not quiet. They like to thump their hind legs against the ground, which can be very distracting.

But rabbits do have a range of benefits compared to other pets. Dogs have to be walked whatever the weather, rabbits don’t. Cats live in ALL rooms in your home, jumping up on EVERY table and shelf. Rabbits have a large but separate area of the floor. Hamsters are active at night, rabbits are awake during the day. This list of comparisons could go on and on, and you could spend years weighing up which pet is best. At the end of the day, you should also let your heart decide.

If you’ve found a favorite breed and found out everything about their needs in advance, you’ll have a great time together.

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