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Which Small Pet Would Suit Me Best?

Guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, rats, degus, chinchillas and mice are all small pets. They’re super cute, flit about everywhere full of energy, nibble on delicious fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts, and can even learn tricks.

Each small animal has different needs when it comes to cages, runs and care. Some are active during the day and others only during the night. It’s important to know this, as you could end up never seeing your pet if you’re always awake when it’s asleep and it’s always awake when you’re asleep! Take our test to find out which small pet would suit you best. There’s also some exciting info below the test.

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Our Pets Section

Profiles of the most popular hamster species and guinea pig breeds as well as useful tips on keeping them are available in our pet section!

Guinea Pig

There are around 20 guinea pig breeds with different coat lengths, colors and whorls (also called rosettes). The short-haired breeds include the Abyssinian and the American guinea pig. The long-haired breeds include the Angora and the Silkie. Guinea pigs are very lively and love running about. So they need a big run to wear themselves out. These animals are mostly active during the day. Guinea pigs cannot be kept alone. There should always be at least two. They don’t like being touched. Guinea pigs are not cuddly pets.


There are almost 20 different types of hamster, of which around 10 can be kept as pets. These include dwarf hamsters such as the Roborovski dwarf hamster, the Chinese dwarf hamster and the winter white dwarf hamster. The Syrian hamster is larger and can have either long fur, teddy fur or satin fur. Despite their small size, they can run huge distances. So they need a lot of space. These animals are active at night and generally don’t like being touched. Hamsters are solitary animals and should not be kept in groups.


Although guinea pigs and hamsters don’t like to cuddle, rats definitely do! People say that rats pee everywhere and... (well, you know) but they are quick to potty train so you can get a handle on the smell and dirt quite fast. Rats cannot be kept alone. They’re active at dusk and dawn and need to be let out of the cage every day.


Rabbits come in all sizes and colors: large, medium, small, dwarf, Angora, rex, satin and more. It’s so fun watching them hop around. But they’re not cuddly pets and don’t like being picked up. They cannot be kept alone, need a lot of space and a large run. A secure run in the garden is ideal. Rabbits are active at dusk and dawn.

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