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Which Cat Would Suit Me?

A pet cat? That’d be great! But what kind? The perfect cat loves to cuddle, likes being petted and sitting on laps, doesn’t scratch, likes to play, is funny, easy to look after, has a long life expectancy and gets on well with other cats and dogs. What else is important? Most people agree: the cat shouldn’t pee anywhere outside the litter box, shed everywhere, break things, jump up onto the dinner table and scratch the furniture.

Is all this a matter of breed? We’ve gathered some important info for you below the test (scroll down).

Take the test to find out which cat would suit your needs best! Please wait until the test has loaded.

What Does a Cat’s Breed Say about its Character?

Each cat breed has its own unique features, such as bright blue eyes, especially long fur, unusual fur markings or even folded-over ears. Their characters also differ drastically. There are very active cats that jump up everywhere, constantly meow and demand a lot of attention. Other cats are lazy couch potatoes and prefer to settle down in a comfy spot to have a long nap.

However: not every cat of a certain breed is the exact same! It depends on their personality, experiences, nurture, age and health.

Which Cat Breeds Are Suitable for People with Allergies?

In our pet check, you’ll find 26 cat breeds that are perfect for families with children!

What Can I Do to Make My Cat Shed Less?

You can’t train them out of shedding. It wouldn’t work with humans either! BUT if a cat suddenly starts to shed a lot more than usual, it could be a sign of illness, the wrong diet or major stress. To the vet! You can find out more in our article about cat breeds that don’t shed a lot.

How Can I Train My Cat out of Breaking Things?

You can’t prevent a cat from “tidying up” your things every now and then. They don’t do it on purpose. After all, even we sometimes drop things - like mugs or phones. But you can train cats so that they know they’re not allowed on the table. And what about scratching? Cats actually learn to use a scratching post pretty quickly. It’s all a matter of thorough training with lots of persistence and perseverance.

What If the Cat Pees Everywhere?

If your cat pees anywhere other than its litter box, that’s its way of saying “I’m sick” (take it to the vet) or “I’m super stressed” (find out why).

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