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Cats That Don’t Meow a Lot

In this article, you will learn which cats meow less often.

There are certain cat breeds that meow a lot and those that meow less. Find out which cats aren’t as vocal in this article. These include the Chartreux, Norwegian Forest Cat, Russian Blue and Maine Coon. You’ll find the complete list at the end of this article.

It can actually get a little annoying when your cat constantly meows. After all, meowing can easily reach over 45 decibels. That’s just over the level that’s distracting, meaning you can’t concentrate. If you want to study for school, university or work or you’d like to read or meditate in peace, it will quickly make you feel stressed. Even one meow can make you lose track of your thoughts. People that suffer from migraines definitely won’t be happy.

Why Do Cats Meow?

Apart from body language, meowing is the only way that cats can tell you something, talk to you. They do it to say “hello”, to tell you they’re hungry or want to play with you or tell you about an injury or illness. How else could they tell you? They might be able to use their pawprints to unlock touch-ID smartphones but they still can’t write and haven’t quite mastered making calls yet - as far as we know!


The fact is that cats meow. You can’t train them out of it. And there are no silent cats. Even quiet cats meow from time to time. If you want a cat, you’ll just have to get used to it. But let’s be honest: it could be worse, right?

Listen, Don’t Ignore

You should definitely cherish this type of communication and respond with love, even if your cat jabbers on. You’ll find an overview of possible reasons and tips for loud/constant meowing in our article on cats that meow a lot.

Two Cats = Twice as Much Meowing?

You might think so, but it’s luckily not the case. Two cats are often quieter than one as they have somebody to “talk” to that they can communicate with in other ways. Meowing is kind of like trying to mimic human speech - they learned it from living with us.