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American Crested

American Crested Guinea Pig Breed Profile

Fur Short, smooth, close, thick
Rosettes None
Characteristics White crown
Lifespan 4-6 years
Suitable for Beginners

American Crested Guinea Pig Photo: Kirill Kurashov/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

The American Crested is completely one color - apart from its characteristic white crest on its head! This is like a little white crown created by the whorl. This makes it easy to tell this animal apart from other guinea pigs, especially for beginners. The crown sometimes makes these little pets look angry or indignant. But they’re just as peaceful and funny as the rest of them. The rest of the American Crested’s short, soft fur is usually golden brown, red or black. It doesn’t have any markings or patterns to its fur.

Guinea Pigs for First-Timers

American Crested guinea pigs are among the easiest guinea pigs to keep. You could even call them “beginner guinea pigs”. Still, inexperienced pet owners should get plenty of information and get hold of a guinea pig guide. Just like all guinea pigs, the American Crested is on the shy side.


American Crested Guinea Pig Photo: Kurashova/Shutterstock

How Can You Tell the American and the English Crested Apart?

Both have a crest on their heads but only the American Crested’s is always white. In the English Crested, this is always the same color as the rest of its coat. If they didn’t have this tuft, they’d just be completely normal American guinea pigs.


The white crest isn’t easy to breed, as the babies of two American Crested guinea pigs won’t always have the same markings, e.g. they might have additional white patches.

Fur Care

Short-haired guinea pigs can mostly keep themselves clean as they wash themselves with their little feet. Their fur should therefore only be cleaned when it doesn’t keep up its hygiene duties. You should use a plastic brush for this. Knots can’t always be prevented, and should be carefully cut out with scissors. It’s also important to regularly check their ears, eyes and nails - just like with any guinea pig.


Just like all guinea pigs, the American Crested needs a combination of fresh hay, grasses, herbs, vegetables, fruit, seeds and twigs. They also need fresh water daily.


Fun Facts

A “crest” is a crown or tuft.


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