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Short-Haired Peruvian

Short-Haired Peruvian Guinea Pig Breed Profile

Fur Medium length, straight
Rosettes Two on the hips
Characteristics Bangs
Lifespan 4-6 years
Suitable for Beginners

Short-Haired Peruvian Guinea Pig Photo: Olga Taranik/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

This cute guinea pig is the “short-haired editionof the long-haired Peruvian. It has incredibly fine fur that... wait a minute, that doesn’t look short?! Right! Normally, short-haired guinea pigs have fur that is around 0.4-1 in (1-3 cm) long. Long-haired Peruvians’ coats can grow up to 20 in (50 cm) long. Short-haired Peruvians have medium-length fur that’s somewhere in-between. Depending on how much you trim it, obviously.

Short-haired Peruvians and Irish Cresteds are often lumped together as the same breed with different names. This is probably because the Irish Crested is still not very well-known and hasn’t yet been officially recognized. While short-haired Peruvians have two whorls on their hips, the Irish Crested has two in the middle of the back. Short-haired Peruvians are a very rare guinea pig breed, like the Texel, Teddy and Merino.


Fur Care

Short-haired Peruvians don’t need quite as much grooming as other long-haired piggies. However, their fine fur should still be brushed regularly using a soft brush. And always pay attention to knots, as they never get smaller - only bigger!

Short-Haired Peruvian Guinea Pig Photo: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock

Keeping Them Outdoors

Short-haired Peruvians might have medium-length fur but it doesn’t drag on the ground. This means they can be kept outside. Of course, you’ll always have to inspect your pets for dirt to make sure they don’t get sick.

The Friendliest Guinea Pig Breed

Beginners often ask which is the friendliest guinea pig breed. You can easily attribute certain characteristics to dogs and cats depending on their breeds (although each individual animal has its own unique personality, and nurture plays a major role). But this isn’t quite so easy with guinea pigs.

They’re all basically friendly, attentive, happy pets. There’s no certain breed that’s grumpy, especially reserved, particularly active or more prone to bite. Maybe by the “friendliest” breed, some people mean the lowest-maintenance. This question is easier to answer. Long-haired guinea pigs are always harder to look after than short-haired breeds. Otherwise, there isn’t a major difference.


Fun Facts

This breed is the only one that comes with two fur lengths.


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