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Rex Guinea Pig Breed Profile

Fur Short, curly, stands on end
Rosettes None
Characteristics None
Lifespan 4-6 years
Suitable for Beginners

Rex Guinea Pig Photo: BMJ/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

Te Rex is relaxed, friendly and even-tempered. Its special features include curly fur that feels coarse and harsh but is actually elastic and bouncy. Even its “sideburns” are curly. The coat is wavy on the belly. Overall, it looks like a round ball of dense, short wool. The Rex guinea pig doesn’t have any whorls, or rosettes, so its coat stands on end all the way around the body. They come in lots of different colors, like brown, white, agouti, gold, chocolate, cream or red.

The Rex could almost be described as a scruffy Teddy guinea pig. Almost, as there are a few differences. Compared to the Teddies, the Rex’s coat is more wiry. They also have curly whiskers. The Swiss and American Teddy both have soft fur and smooth, straight whiskers.


Rex Guinea Pig Photo: PHOTO FUN/Shutterstock

The Biggest Guinea Pig Breed

The Rex is the biggest of all the guinea pig breeds. The Texel, Silkie and American Crested are among the smallest. The size difference isn’t as great as it is with dogs, for example. Smaller guinea pigs grow to between 6 inch (15 cm) and 10 inch (25 cm) long, while larger ones make it up to 15 inch (38 cm).

Fur Care

Is the Rex guinea pig’s coat harder to groom because it’s curly? No. It’s just as easy to clean with a soft brush. Sometimes, even short hair can tangle and matts can form. It’s best to remove these with a pair of rounded scissors as soon as you find them.

How to Keep Them

The Rex guinea pig has very thick claws. And they grow faster than normal too. It’s a good idea to get special clippers from a pet store. If you’re unsure, have an adult help you cut them. You don’t want to injure your little friend accidentally.

Fun Facts

Rex means “curly” and was originally used to describe the curly-haired rex rabbit. You can also get rex cats, e.g. the Devon Rex, German Rex and Cornish Rex.



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