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Top 10 Pet Guinea Pig Breeds for Children

Here, you’ll find an overview of the 16 most popular guinea pig breeds and what kind of characters they have.

There are so many different kinds of guinea pigs - each one cuter and more interesting than the last!

Do guinea pigs make good pets for children? Is a guinea pig active during the day or at night? Are guinea pigs a lot of work? You will find out in our guinea pig section!

There are short-haired guinea pigs, long-haired guinea pigs, those with and without whorls, tufts, crests and partings. Our factsheets tell you which fur varieties there are and what needs the animals have.


All Guinea Pig Breeds:

Why Keep Guinea Pigs as Pets?

Guinea pigs are great pets. They’re lively and happy, and watching them pottering about, popcorning for joy at being fed or cuddling up in their beds or tunnels is guaranteed to always make you smile. It’s also fun to look after them and care for them.

Are Guinea Pigs Beginner Pets?

Guinea pigs are often seen as beginner pets for children. That’s not quite right. They are small, delicate flight animals that don’t like to be touched. They might stay still when you touch them, but not because they like it, because they freeze in fear. This is often interpreted incorrectly - maybe out of wishful thinking.

How Old Do Guinea Pigs Get?

Guinea pigs have a life expectancy of about four to six years.

What Benefits Do Guinea Pigs Have over Other Pets?

Guinea pigs don’t need walking. This is a huge benefit when it’s cold and wet outside and you don’t want to do anything other than crawl under a blanket. There are also no “nasty surprises” on the floor when you come home, as guinea pigs stay on the ground, unlike cats. They don’t climb up on shelves, open doors, turn on faucets or throw things to the floor. Of course, their runs should always be well secured so they don’t escape and chew things! A big plus is that these animals are active during the day. Hamsters, rats and rabbits are active at dusk and dawn.

What Disadvantages Do Guinea Pigs Have?

The cons include behaviors and living conditions that not everyone is aware of before they buy a guinea pig. Or they become too much over time. For example, they squeak a lot. This can really start to annoy some people. Their toilet corners also start to smell and stink when not regularly cleaned.


Guinea pigs need a large cage and a large run that they can use every day. Their own room would be ideal.


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