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Female Pet Names

Here, you’ll find the perfect name for any female pet: fantastic, cute, magical, sweet, exotic, cheeky, rebellious, brave, clever...!

The names we’ve collected here are sorted from A to Z and especially suited to female pets.

Female Pet Names From A to Z:

“Baloo, come here!”, “Oscar, put that down!”... a male name for a female dog or cat? It just doesn’t fit. Even for small animals and birds. If you have a new pet and are desperately looking for a name, you can throw lots of names out of the window straight away - names for male pets.

The Most Popular Female Pet Names

There are names that have been super popular for years. For female pets, these are Luna, Emma, Bella, Amy, Lucy, Kitty, Gina and Paula. They are short and easy for the animal to understand. This is especially important for dogs, because it means they can respond to commands better. We wouldn’t recommend a long, complicated name. You don’t need to be so careful with hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits etc, so you can go for it.


Unique Names

Every animal is unique. So why not give your pet a unique name? A name that fits like a glove often makes pet owners feel even more connected to their pet. For the most part, these names are spontaneous and creative because you just watch the animal and notice funny markings or weird habits that influence your choice of name.

Neutral Names

There are a few neutral names like Kim, Kay, Ricky or Sam. Or you can even name your pet after a treat or food. Cookie, Cappuccino or Radish are all names that could be used for any gender. But if you don’t want to constantly answer the question “Is it a boy or a girl?”, then go for a name that makes your pet’s gender obvious.

Female pet names Female pet names - Photo: ksena32/ (Cat); Viorel Sima/ (Dog)

Female Pet Names From A to Z:


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