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Exotic Pet Names

Like unusual names? Names that sound like they’re straight out of Arabian Nights or from a far-off land? Voila, you’re bound to like some of these names. Or maybe you know an even better one? Tell us!

For female petsOrigin
Aimee Indian
Anju Indian
Arabella Spanish
Ayumi Japanese
Djulien Indian
Jolina Russian
Karisma Indian
Keona Hawaiian
Sayuri Japanese
Shalima Oriental
Sun Indian
Yukiko Japanese
Yoko Japanese
Zaara Indian
For male petsOrigin
Farid Arabian
Jamaal African
Nahele Hawaiian
Shahrukh Indian
Subhani Thai
Vahan Oriental

Exotic Pet Names Exotic Pet Names - Photo: sek_suwat/Shutterstock


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