Spanish Pet Names

Spanish pet names from A to Z:

Spanish pet names and their meaning from A to Z!

Aceituna Olive (female)
Adoración Adoration
Alameda Avenue (female)
Alegría Joy (female)
Amigo Friend (male)
Amor Love
Àngel Angel
Bella Good-looker (female)
Bienvenido Welcome (male)
Bienvenida Welcome (female)
Blanco White (male)
Blanca White (female)
Bueno Good (male)
Buena Good (female)
Cachemira Cashmere
Calandria Layabout
Calida Warmhearted
Candido Pure, white (male)
Candida Pure, white (female)
Carla Female version of Carl
Caro Precious (male)
Cara Precious (female)
Chiquita Little girl
Chico Boy
Chica Girl
Clementina Clementine
Consuelo Consolation (male)
Consuela Consolation (female)
Corazón Heart

Spanish Pet Names Spanish Pet Names - Photo: Javier Brosch/Shutterstock

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