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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters

Watching to much TV? No wonder you want to give your pet a name based on characters from TV. After all, they are super cute, funny or just beautiful!

Animal Characters in Animated Movies:

Pets Are Superheroes, too

Pet owners know: Our animal „roommates“ are little superheroes! Ok, they have no superpowers and they do not fly or run away to experience exciting adventures in foreign countries. But they comfort us, make us laugh and are always there for us. Day after day, as long as they live. These are real heroic deeds and that's why the animal superheroes from computer-animated movies are the perfect name givers for our pets.

The Character Is Important

Often, wild, exotic animals are the main characters in animated movies, not pets. What makes them unique? Their character! So, if your pet has a character similar to one of the movie characters, it could be a perfect match.


Some Examples!

Cats are known for owning people - or did you think it would be the other way around? Just a joke! In Madagascar, King Julien likes to boss around. The character of a cat may be very similar to his, especially if a cat is hungry and has to wait in front of an empty bowl. That's how we know Scrat, the rat-squirrel in Ice Age: obsessed with his favorite food, an acorn! Could that be a good name for a dog, too? Show us the dog that does'nt want to jump towards a treat right away or doesn't want to chase it. It is only due good education and self control that dogs can wait patiently ;)

"Real Pets“ in Computer-Animated Movies

• Dogs

Ok, so with dogs it gets difficult, which is quite suprising. In Rio there is the bulldog Luiz. In the animated movie Up there is the lovable Dug and the dogs of Charles Muntz: Alpha, Gamma and Beta. But that's all.

• Cats


Diego? Shira? Tigers are cats, too - they're just a little more dangerous ;) You see big cats not only in Ice Age, but also in Madagascar. For example the lions Alex, Zuba, Florrie and Makunga. There is also a female jaguar: Gia. There is one "real" animated cat: the Persian cat Prince Tigerius Mahmoud Shabbaz in Over the Hedge.

• Birds

If you're not strict about it: In Rio there is a female Spix's macaw named Jewel, but you could also name a blue budgerigar after her, right? You could also name a cockatiel after the owl Metal Beak from The Legend of the Guardians.

• Exotic Pets

If you own a exotic pet you might find some cool names in animated movies: There is Master Viper (Snake) and Master Mantis (Praying Mantis) in Kung-Fu Panda. We also meet a snake in Legend of the Guardians : Mrs. Plithiver. In A Bug's Life, there's a ghost insect named Slim.

Pet Names Based  on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock


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