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Names for Smart Pets

Great names for particularly clever pets!

Names for clever pets! Can your cat open doors? Your dog can find a treat no matter where you put it? Or maybe you have a hamster that can break out of the most secure cage? Clever animals deserve clever names!

Abacus -
Aragog from Harry Potter
Archimedes Greek mathematician and physicist
Aristoteles Greek philosopher
Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia
Boomer from Here's Boomer
Brain from Pinky and the Brain
Capone Mafia boss
Cicero Philosopher in ancient Rome
Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
Copernicus Astronomer
Crash Override from Hackers
Crookshanks from Harry Potter
Da Vinci Painter, Inventor
Dogbert from Dilbert
Einstein Scientist
Felix from Felix the Cat
Goethe  German writer 
Gyro Gearloose from Mickey Mouse
Hermione from Harry Potter
Jerry from Tom & Jerry
Katniss  from The Hunger Games
Kimba from Kimba, the White Lion
Lisa from The Simpsons
Marcie from Peanuts
Master Splinter from TMNT
Meowth Pokémon
Merlin Wizard of the Arthurian saga
Mickey from Mickey Mouse
Minnie from Mickey Mouse 
Miss Marple Detective
Mr. Ed from Mr. Ed
Napoleon French military leader
Pink Panther from The Pink Panther Show
Platon Greek philosopher
Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective
Professor Simon Wright from Captain Future
Ren Dog from Ren & Stimpy
Road Runner from Road Runner
Sam from The Muppet Show
Scrooge McDuck from Mickey Mouse
Sherlock Holmes Detective
Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks
Sindbad Adventurer from Sindbad
Snoopy from Peanuts
Socrates Greek philosopher
Speedy Gonzales from Speedy Gonzales
Spock from Star Trek
SpongeBob from SpongeBob
Tolstoi Russian writer
Tweety from Bugs Bunny
Woodstock from Peanuts 

Names for clever pets Names for clever pets - Photo: Lobke Peers/Shutterstock


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