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Pet Names Based on Hindu Gods

We have for you the most beautiful god names in Hinduism that are suitable for pets!

Does your cat hang from the drapes like a little monkey? Maybe it feels like the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman. Just kidding!

There are over 100 gods in Hinduism. We’ve come up with the best gods’ names for you here. Our favorites are Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Chandra, Indra and Shiva. In the following list, you’ll find gods’ names as well as what each of them was responsible for. Find out more about mythological animals in Hinduism below. .

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The Best Pet Names Based on Hindu Gods:

Amrita God of the elixir of life
Aruna God of the red glow of the rising sun
Brahma God of creation
Chandra Moon god
Durga Goddess of completion
Ganesha “Elephant god”, god of obstacles
Hanuman “Monkey god”, god of learning, protector of villages
Indra God of the sky, storms and riches
Kali Goddess of death, destruction and new beginnings
Krishna God of gods
Lakshmi Goddess of beauty, happiness and riches
Parvati Goddess of motherhood
Pushan God of journeys; protector of travelers
Sarasvati Goddess of wisdom and learning
Shiva God of fertility, destruction and death
Vata Wind god
Vayu God of the wind, air and the breath of life; also called Pavana
Vishnu God of preservation
Yama God of death

Garuda Garuda - Illustration: Irina Simkina/Shutterstock

Mythological Animals in Hinduism

Airavata White elephant; Indra's mount
Arusha Red horses of the god of sun
Chakora Bird; is believed to reside upon the beams of the moon
Dawon Sacred tiger
Garuda Divine eagle; Vishnus mount
Kaliya Snake with five heads
Makara Sacred mount; mount of Ganga and Varuna
Mayura Sacred bird; was created from the feathers of Garuda
Naga Snake deity
Nandi Bull; Shiva's mount
Sarama Dog of the gods; helped Indra to recover divine cows
Sharabha Part-lion and part-bird
Vasuki King serpent

• Makara

Makara is the mount of the two rivers, Ganges and Varuna. It’s not a horse, rather a mixed animal that carries its owners over the water. In pictures, Makara often has the snout of a crocodile, the head of an elephant and the body of a fish. In astrology, Makara is equivalent to Capricorn. Makara could be a great name for a fish, reptile or horse.

• Nandi

Nandi is a bull, and Shiva’s mount. He’s the protector of all four-legged animals. His name loosely translated to “the happy one”.

• Sarama

Sarama is a dog that brings stolen cows back to the god Indra. Sarama is a very lovely, gentle sounding name that would suit any dog that likes to fetch. Like sticks, balls or frisbees.

• Garuda

Garuda is half human, half eagle. His head is human but it sits on the body of an eagle. He is the mount of Vishnu and a kind of divine messenger, bringing messages from the gods to the humans. This name would be perfect for a bird that makes a lot of noise or even talks.


• Sharabha

Sharabha has the body of a lion and the head and wings of a bird. Because he has eight legs, he can jump over large valleys in just one leap. Wouldn’t it be a great name for a cat that jumps from bookshelf to bookshelf?

• Airavata

Airavata is a giant, completely white elephant and the mount of the Hindu god Indra. And that alone isn’t what makes him unusual. He also has four tusks and seven trunks. Maybe you have a pet that sticks its nose where it doesn’t belong so often, it could have seven of them. Or a rodent that has to “examine” everything with its teeth?

• Naga

Naga is a snake creature that is depicted as a snake (mostly a king cobra) or as a human with the head of a snake. Nagas have the magical ability to turn into humans. As long as you treat the environment with respect, you don’t need to fear nagas.

Airavata Airavata - Illustration: Irina Simkina/Shutterstock

Fun Facts

The Third Largest Religion in the World

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world and originated in India. Hindus treat all life with great respect, even small animals like insects. They believe that life and death is a cycle that is constantly repeated. They believe that all beings have a soul, not just people. Yes, they even see the divine in plants. Even though all animals are seen as divine in Hinduism, there are a few that are especially important. These are cows, monkeys, snakes, elephants, tigers, peacocks and rats.

Ganesha Ganesha - Illustration: Sasikumar3g/Shutterstock


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