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Which Dogs Get on Well With One Another?

Here are 10 dog breeds that are particularly friendly to other dogs.

“Dog and human” isn’t anything like “dog and dog”. Most dogs are very loving with their owners (unless they’re spoilt). But this can quickly change if a dog comes across another dog instead of a human. They start to growl, bark and chase the other dog, maybe even biting it. How can this be avoided?

It’s all about experience and training as a puppy. If puppies are allowed to stay with their mothers for long enough and have spent lots of time with other dogs while still young, they generally get on very well with other dogs later in life.

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Dog Breeds Photo: PCHT/Shutterstock

Dog Training

Many dog owners decide to skip dog training classes to save money, which is a false economy. It’s incredibly important, and not just good for the dog but also the human’s wellbeing. Many dog owners suffer because their dogs are aggressive, bark, pull on the leash, bite etc. Often, these unwanted behaviors have actually been encouraged in the dog by accident! A dog is not a stuffed animal. Not everyone seems to know this. Often, dogs are treated like little children and then the master wonders why it won’t do as it’s told and why living together is so hard. So, it’s better to attend puppy training at a young age.

The Older the Dog, the Harder It Is

If a dog comes into contact with other dogs at a later age, it’s very likely that it won’t know how to act around this new animal. Is the other dog a danger to me? Or does it want to attack my master? Or maybe my master loves that other dog more than me?

Do you already have another pet or want to get another pet later on? There are dog breeds that are less “pet-friendly” and some that are more “pet-friendly”.

Dog-Friendly Dogs:

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