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Are There Dogs That Don’t Get on With Other Dogs?

These dogs don't usually get along well with others...

Are there certain dog breeds that don’t get on with other dogs? Yes. There definitely are! Although training and socialization as a puppy are important factors, some dogs just don’t get on well with other dogs. Here are dog breeds that are lovely to their masters and children but can’t or shouldn’t be kept with other dogs. The complete list can be found at the end of the article.

Chihuahua Chihuahua - Photo: cynoclub/Shutterstock

Why Do Some Dogs Just Not Get On?

Livestock guardian dogs (not the same as herding dogs!) have a strong urge to show their dominance. Of course, they have to protect sheep and other animals from wolves (but these aren’t particularly child-friendly, so we don’t talk about them on 


But it isn’t always just a matter of breed. Some dogs just smell funny. Dogs give off scents that we humans don’t notice but that are sometimes unpleasant for other dogs. Maybe because of bad experiences.

Even Dogs Have Bad Memories

When two dogs meet for the first time as adults, they each have their own personal background. The animals have had different experiences and this affects their behavior. For example, if a dog was attacked and injured by a black Labrador, it might react badly to black labs. You should know as much as possible about your new dog.

Dog Trainers and Obedience School

If you do run into problems, it’s best to get advice from a trained dog trainer (or go to a dog obedience school). They will be able to help you find a way to live together in harmony.

This isn’t just useful if you want to get a second dog, but also when you visit friends that have a dog. As dogs will, of course, meet other dogs while out walking, a few tips from a dog trainer can be irreplaceable.

Please note that the dogs described here “usually” or “generally” have these characteristics. Each dog has its own personality and has had its own experiences in life.


Least Dog-Friendly Dogs:

Here, you’ll find dog breeds that are especially “dog-friendly”. Do you already have another pet or want to get another pet later on? There are dog breeds that are less “pet-friendly” and some that are more “pet-friendly”.


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