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Dogs That Drool the Most

Which dog breeds drool the most? In this article you will find out.

Dogs drool on the sofa, the carpet, the floor, on the car seat or the plastic parts in the car (e.g. the dashboard). They drool everywhere, where they go. Even those who don't belong to its family will know, because during a heartfelt greeting, drooling dogs can leave wet trails on your clothes, arms and legs.

If you don’t mind: great. Because these dogs have got great hearts and can’t help that their “hellos” are little soggier than most. Check out the complete list of dog breeds that drool the most at the bottom of this article.

Bulldog - Drooling Photo: GoDog Photo/Shutterstock


How to Remove Dog Drool

When the drool is fresh, it is best to use a mild household cleaner and a wet sponge or cloth. Clothes can be easily cleaned in the washing machine using a short program - as long as the saliva has not dried. And now for the difficult task: 

How to you remove dried drool? Most people favour a steam cleaner because it quickly softens the slobber with its warm steam. It can be easily wiped up then. You don't even need a cleaning agent, which is pretty cool. A wiper or a microfibre cloths should also work well.

What about the sofa, the jeans and the car seat? Let's be honest. We couldn't find the ultimate solution for this. Some mix vinegar with warm water and then use a brush - but mechanical brushing can damage and/or brighten the textile fibers. Beware! Tip: Use dog blankets to cover everything that can not be washed, e.g. the sofa or the car seat. Otherwise, always carry a cleaning rag with you.

If dog drool is something you’d rather not deal with, another breed might be a better pet for you. Here you’ll find dogs that don’t drool a lot. In this article, you'll also learn about the reason why dogs drool.

Why Should You Remove Dog Drool?

That should be obvious: It does not look pretty and it stinks. And there is more to it. Although dog saliva contains antibacterial substances (which is why they lick their wounds), there are also bacteria in the saliva that are not healthy for humans. Therefore, it is better to clean it out carefully.


Dogs That Drool the Most:


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