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Basic Kit for Your Dog

What basic equipment does my dog need? We've come up with a helpful list!

Getting a dog? Then you’ll need a few things to make sure that your new family member is comfortable and can start to settle in straight away.

The prices for these things can differ a lot, as you can get everything from a simple plaid blanket to a luxurious designer dog bed with expensive Swarovski crystals.

You can buy simple “starter” kit from around $90 or €90. Even if you find cheaper options: they may not last very long, so you will have to keep on buying replacements.


Basic kit Photo: Suphansa/

Basic Kit Includes:

Collar, dog harness from $5 or €5
Lead from $9 or €9
Blanket from $7 or €7
Basket from $20 or €20
Water and food bowl from $2/item or €2/item
Transport box from $30 or €30
Dog Tag, adress tag from $3 or €3
Brush, comb from $3 or €3
Flea comb from $5 or €5
Tick card, tick tong from $2 or €2
Shampoo from $4 or €4
Total $90 or €90

(Valid: November 2023)

Dog Bed

A dog’s bed is the ultimate place for it to relax. It’s like its own little kingdom. Your pooch should be able to feel completely safe here especially if it wants to take a lovely little nap after a walk.

It’s important to make sure that your dog feels comfortable and has enough space, and that their bed meets their needs. It’s no good choosing a bed that you think looks great but that your dog isn’t comfortable in.

You can find good “standard” beds, as well as unusual things like heated beds, orthopedic beds or even eco-friendly beds. You can decide for yourself if you need a bed like this.


Dog bed Photo: kozorog/

Dog Clothing

Dog clothing isn’t always just about Halloween. Although, you can get some really adorable and fun costumes. If your dog enjoys it and you like dressing it up, you can feel free to try it out. But never force your dog into a costume.

Clothing for Bad Weather

If it’s cold or wet outside, coats, shoes and raincoats can keep your dog warm. Especially small dogs under 11 pounds (5 kg) with short fur and/or low body fat will appreciate these, as they get colder a lot faster.

Clothing for Weak Dogs

Sick dogs or dogs that often get ill will appreciate a (warm) protective layer.

Clothing in the Dark 

High visibility jackets are also great for dogs in winter when the sun sets early. Imagine your dog running out into the road. With a high visibility vest on, drivers will spot it early.

Basic kit Photo: kozorog/

Collars & Harnesses

There is an incredibly wide range of great collars and harnesses available, but your dog won’t like all of them. Collars are easy to put on but harnesses are more comfortable for most dogs. And if you have to pull the leash tight for any reason, collars put a lot more pressure on the throat. And that can hurt. With harnesses, the leash is attached to the back and the pressure is distributed more evenly.

Harness Photo: kozorog/

Dog Tags, Address Tags

Even if your dog is microchipped, an additional address tag can be very handy. Why? A scanner is needed to read the microchip. With an address tag, you can see the address straight away. Your dog doesn’t care what the tag looks like. It is mostly only 1-1.5 inches (3-4 cm) in size, so it won’t bother your dog and can be easily attached to a collar or harness. Find the one you like best.

EU Pet Passport and Microchip

If you want to take your dog on holiday to a European country, you’ll need an EU pet passport and a chip. The pet passport contains important information. The chip is inserted under the dog’s skin and contains a 15-figure number to identify it. It costs around $40 or €40 for both of these. The pet passport includes the following information:


  • Name and address


  • Photo (optional)
  • Name
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Coat
  • Microchip number with date of implantation
  • Vaccinations with date and information about expiration date and veterinarian

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