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Dog Names With O

Dog Names From A to Z:

If you're looking for dog names with an O, you've come to the right place!

For dog owners with a sense of humor, there are two fun ideas in this list: A dog that likes to eat dog biscuits could be named Oreo (but please don't feed them!).

You could call a dog whizzing through the house like a whirlwind a hurricane. Ocean and Orion are neutral and dreamy at the same time.

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Dog Names With O:

  • Odie
  • Odin
  • Oliver
  • Orion
  • Orlando
  • Orthos
  • Oscar
  • Othello
  • Owen
  • Owney

Dog Names From A to Z:

About Famous Dogs and Their Names

Famous Dogs Beginning With O

• Owney – the post dog

In the USA, Owney is the unofficial mascot of the postal service, and very popular far and wide. In 1888, he took shelter from the rain in a post office. If Owney could talk, he probably would have said: “Mm, these letters smell great!”. From then on, he could always be found with the letters.

It wasn’t actually allowed to keep dogs in a post office, but an exception was made for this Border Terrier. He slept on the postal sacks and traveled with them wherever they were taken. He was even considered a lucky charm, because no trains ever came off the rails if Owney was there. This took the dog almost across the whole of the USA, even to Canada.

• Odie – can talk


You can teach some birds to talk, but what about dogs? Meet Odie! This pug, whose full name is Zeltim Odie Peterson, became famous in 2005 as he said “I love you” on American TV. Well, he kind of wailed it. But the words were very clear. If you can teach your dog to howl or growl so that it sounds like human words, Odie could be a cute name.

Life Savers Beginning With O

• Orlando – saved his blind master

In 2013, this black Labrador saved his master Cecil from being run over by a subway train. The blind man was standing on a platform when he suddenly passed out and fell onto the tracks shortly before a subway train entered the station. His guide dog Orlando didn’t hesitate before jumping after his master. He pulled and tugged but couldn’t manage to get him off the tracks. Although the train was getting closer and closer, the Labrador didn’t budge from Cecil’s side. His loyalty was greater than his fear of being run down. The subway wasn’t able to stop in time but both the man and his dog were miraculously unharmed.

• Orion – saved 37 people from drowning

In 1999, it rained for a whole 24 hours in Vargas (Venezuela), which lead to flooding and landslides that destroyed whole parts of town. A Rottweiler named Orion managed to save 37 people from the roaring floods and helped them to higher land. He hardly stopped as he knew what was at stake. A true superhero.

Movie and Cartoon Dogs Beginning With O

• Odie - from Garfield

The most notable thing about Odie is definitely not his intelligence. He is mostly teased by Garfield but Odie doesn’t seem to actually mind. Sometimes it seems like he’s just playing dumb because he reads big books like “War and Peace” or watches shows about Mozart on TV. He can even hold a pen in his mouth and write. Maybe he’s just underestimated? Lots of people think that Odie is a Beagle. The artist behind Garfield, Jim Davis, confirmed in an interview that he’s a cross between a Dachshund and a Terrier. Odie is also the only character in the Garfield comics that doesn’t have any “thought bubbles”.

Mythological Dogs Beginning With O

• Orthos – the dog with two heads

In Greek mythology, Orthos guarded cattle on the island of Erytheia.


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